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Year 8 and 9 Options Discussion

By Sophia Richards and Lucy Kindred

What helped you to choose your options this year?

Several factors have contributed to the decision making process of choosing my options. Firstly, I spoke to my teachers about my future pathways and whether or not my options were a good fit for me. Secondly, I had access to a wide range of information about each subject. On the Bassaleg website, I was given written information about each option, as well as videos created by the school’s teachers. Additionally, I was given a large amount of time to consider my options before submitting the forms. Also, the subject and careers fair helped me immensely when I was choosing my GCSE options, it allowed me to explore a variety of potential career paths and understand the GCSE requirements needed for each job. I was able to visit each stall and learn about the job, the grades needed, and the future pathways. Overall, the fair gave me the knowledge I needed to allow me to pick the options that I think would benefit me the most in the future. - Lucy

I found the information provided on the school website very helpful - my parents and I looked through all of the videos that teachers had recorded and it helped me get an idea of what that subject would be like for GCSE. I also found it helpful to talk to teachers about what sort of work we would be doing next year if I was to take their subject for GCSE. As well as this, I found that we weren't pressurised at all into choosing a particular subject, or into submitting our option forms quickly. I found this helpful as I could take time to discuss with others about my possible pathways, and figure out myself what I wanted to do next year. - Sophia

What advice would you give to someone picking their options next year?

I would advise that you take time to re-think about your options as your opinions on what you would like to do might change. Personally, I allowed myself to think over my options and I have now picked a new set of choices which I think would suit me better than my last picks. I would also advise that you do not take options just because your friends are doing it because your friends might pick options that you don't necessarily like doing - Lucy

Firstly, I would advise you not to worry about choosing your options because you will get plenty of time to think about it. Whilst choosing my 3 options, I didn't decide on them straight away - I gave myself time to consider many different subjects. This keeps your options open! I would also say, don't overthink it too much: just choose the subjects that you most enjoy at that moment in time, and it's then almost guaranteed you'll enjoy studying for them for GCSE. Finally, don't worry about not being with your friends - the benefit of being in a GCSE class is that everyone in the class has chosen that subject, meaning they could be like-minded individuals that you share the same interests with. - Sophia

How are you feeling about moving up in the school?

Moving up is a nerve racking process because you have to pick your options before you have a full experience with them but the support of friends and teachers definitely makes the journey a lot easier and more exciting as you are moving up to a brand new level of learning. - Lucy

To be honest, I'm feeling quite nervous! However, I am happy with the options I've picked, and excited to meet new people and teachers next year. - Sophia


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