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Trip to Berlin 2024

Updated: Feb 23

By Mrs Bowen

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, embodies the turbulent history of the 20th century, marked by Nazi Germany's regime and the Cold War division. The history department’s recent visit in February, with years 12 and 13, aimed to explore these historical periods, focusing on landmarks and museums that bear witness to the city's past.

Our journey commenced with a walking tour of the city, delving into the rise of the Nazi regime and the horrors of the Holocaust. The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe served as a poignant reminder of the six million Jewish victims. Additionally, we explored the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, gaining insights into the brutality of the regime. In addition to the Holocaust Memorial, we visited the Gleis 17, and Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism, honouring the memory of the persecuted Romani people.

The Neue Wache, a solemn memorial, pays tribute to the victims of war and dictatorship. Furthermore, the controversial Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park commemorates the Red Army soldiers who died in the Battle of Berlin.

Our visit to the Olympic Stadium served as a tangible reminder of the Nazis' use of sport and spectacle for political purposes. Its association with the 1936 Olympics, it underscores the intersection of sports, propaganda, and ideology during one of the darkest chapters of modern history.

Transitioning to the Cold War era, we explored remnants of the Berlin Wall, including the Berlin Wall Memorial which provided further insight into the desperate attempts of East Berliners to escape to the West.

Moreover, visits to the royal district offered a glimpse into Berlin's majestic past, with highlights including Charlottenburg Palace and the historic Unter den Linden Boulevard.

Exploring Berlin's historical sites related to Nazi Germany, the Cold War, and its royal district provided profound insights into the city's multifaceted past. Through museums, memorials, and preserved landmarks, Bassaleg students learned valuable lessons from history, emphasizing the importance of remembrance and reconciliation in shaping a more peaceful future.


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