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Interview with the Head Students

By Evie Weeks and Isla Williams

We sat down with the head students and asked them a couple of questions about their role and about their experience.

Hello both, please introduce yourselves.

Hello, we are Emily Mothersole and Noah Hargreaves and we are the 2022/23 Head Students of Bassaleg. I'm Noah and I take History, Biology and Forensic Science. I am Emily and I take History, English Literature and Law for A Levels and I'm very interested in Musical Theatre!

How did you get the role?

We had to go through an application process. We booked an interview with Miss Lambe, Mr Clayton Jones and Mr Powell, we sat in their office and they gave all 16 of us the same questions beforehand. Questions included hobbies, plans and goals and Health and Happiness ideas. I want to do something musical like a festival before the end of the year and we both want to do something Pride related like Stonewall.

What sort of things do you do as head students?

We are the student voice especially for prefects. We have been to sign the book of condolences and attended a memorial service for the Queen, we run prefect meetings and finalise Health and Happiness days and make all the posters! We run around and do a lot behind the scenes.

Do you like other people to get involved?

We have recently welcomed the new Year 12 prefects so there is now a team of 43 in the team. The Eco Team was very involved in Recycling Awareness Week and volunteer speakers will be coming in for the Sparkle day soon. It is always good to have other people's input when we are doing things like that.

For people further down in the school, what sort of qualities should a prefect have?

Definitely good team-working because 90% of the time, the work you're doing is collaborative. Organisation is really important due to short turnaround times and leadership especially for head and deputy students. Good communication and good manners is really important. Pulling the days off is a big task!

Is there anything else you would like to talk about, any goals or aspirations for the year?

We hope to be the Head Students who raise the most money in a year, we are trying to pull that off. We are trying to do as much as we can, doing an awareness week and a Health and Happiness Day every month, we have 20 things on the calendar already! We are trying to do the best we can.


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