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Health and Happiness Event - 30th September 22

By Isla Williams

The 30th of September brought lots of smiles, lots of community spirit and lots of rain! However, the rain didn’t stop Bassaleg School coming together to raise a huge amount of money for the Big Moose Charity which focuses on helping those who struggle with Mental Health. This was a cause very close to our school and it was an amazing feeling to be contributing to ‘project 1 million’ which entails raising £1m throughout 2022 to provide intervention and therapy to those who need it. Big Moose’s overall aim is to ‘to leave the world better than we found it’ which really aligns with Bassaleg’s values.

This day was brilliantly organised by the Prefect Team; Activities throughout the day were met with lots of excitement. The day kicked off with the Bassaleg Mile with buckets dotted along the route to accept donations, you could really see the splashes of yellow and orange! Groups of prefects lead activities such as gymnastics and football outside and in the gym and then lolly selling was taking place all around the site at lunch time. As well as this, a zone was set up in a classroom with quiet activities. There was something for everyone and it was all a lot of fun.

At the end of lunch, the prefects and Mrs Wheatley came together to count the money raised and it was described as ‘a lively atmosphere where everyone got to know each other a bit better’. The new Year 12 prefects very much enjoyed their first H&H day and are excited for the next one. Prefects also commented on the new intercom system that meant that music could play all around the school and how nice it was across site. Bring on the next Health and Happiness Day!


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