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Annie is here!

By Isla Williams

Tickets can now be purchased from the finance office.

The Bassaleg Musical is back and it's bigger than ever; our rehearsals are full of spirit with so many students involved in the acting, dancing, sound and lighting, marketing and orchestra.

'Auditions saw excited pupils dreaming of time in the spotlight, sheets were passed around asking whether you wanted a big role or small role and I heard many people say 'go big or go home'. The teachers relocated us all to Forge Hall and they explained how the auditions are running. We all had to sing in groups and the teachers would assign lines depending on how high or low your voice can go. The second part of the auditions was acting out a scene from the play. The two characters were Miss Hanagan and Annie, I presume this was because there were two very different characters and the teachers wanted to scope out who would play a good hero or villain.' - Evie Weeks

Finally, the cast list was posted and was met with lots and lots of visitors! Then the hard work began.

'Rehearsals are full of fun and action - we are forever running over scenes again and again! Everyone including teachers and performers are very enthusiastic about the show and can’t wait for it to all come together. We stay after school for rehearsals (sometimes they are in school time, so we get taken out of lessons) and we run through parts of the show, this could be scenes where we need to be acting and going through lines or perfecting a dance routine such as ‘Hard Knock Life’ or ‘You’re Never Fully Dressed’. Sometimes when a group isn’t needed to practise anything, we can watch scenes that the others have been working on and it’s amazing to see because most of the time, it’s the first time we’ve seen it being performed!' - Sophia Richards

Whether it's Millie practising running around in heels or Fraser street dancing to the emotional ballads in the wings, there's always something exciting happening on the stage!

'We are so excited that Annie is now only a few weeks away and tickets are live and selling fast! It has been so exciting putting on a school show again after a gap of three years and what a show it is going to be.

The cast are rehearsing like mad, and the set is due to arrive soon so Forge Hall will be transformed to Warbucks's mansion soon. The show is such a.great one for Christmas - full of laughter and optimism with some belting tunes.

We are expecting a sell out every night so get tickets soon if you want to see this extravaganza!' - Mrs Davies

The commitment and hard work everyone has dedicated to Annie is admirable, they love performing and it's an honour to be able to showcase the incredible talent of not only the performers, the fantastic staff in Music and Drama.


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