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Zero Negativity

Book Review by Lucas Routley

The Author

Born on 22nd September 1980 (41 years) in Portland, Ant Middleton served 4 years as a sniper in the Special Boat Service starting in 2008. After that he earned the position as the Chief instructor of "S.A.S: Who Dares Wins" (2015-2021) Meanwhile, he went on to write a series of books such as "Red Mist", "Cold Justice", "Mental Fitness" etc. In this fascinating, compelling, and (needless to say) exhilarating book, author Ant Middleton opens about his heart-wrenching lows and all-time highs. He informs the viewer on how he suspended negative thoughts whilst under fire and took home priceless valuable lessons surrounding how to sustain a positive mindset.

About The Book

In Zero Negativity, Ant Middleton takes you into previously undisclosed areas of his life and reveals secrets of his mindset and the power that positivity has given him. You will learn how to embrace failure and use it to your advantage, how to see change as the foundation of future success, how to develop resilience, how to deal with bullies, what it means to be a positive role model and how to live a life with no regrets.

My Thoughts

Personally, I would recommend this book to any young person as it will challenge your mindset and put you on track to living your life to your full potential. Reading this book will enable you to see life through different perspectives and understand morals and explore possibilities when faced with hardships. This book will not tell you who to be, where you should live or what job you should have. That is up to you. Rather, this book will give you the tools to know who you are, to become the person you want to be and live your life with zero negativity.


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