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Sports Day 2022

Recount Piece by Isla Williams

Unfortunately, the heatwave in July meant that Sports Day for Years 7 and 8 had to be postponed, however the last two days worked flawlessly thanks to the PE Team’s planning and the Sports Days exceeded all expectations!

We saw huge levels of participation from Year 7s and 9s competing in a wide range of sports. The Year 7 girls 200m was a particular highlight while Year 9 played Welsh baseball on the other side of the school.

The Year 8s and 10s had their turn, with netball being celebrated by pupils all day. 'It is so hot' - Ms Cueto really did sum up the day! Moving into the shade was definitely the right call. However, the sun didn't stop the competition and the students gave it their all.

Overall, the Egg and Spoon Race was a fan favourite; the maths team confidently competed and ended up with Mrs Kidner not being too happy about coming last! Trying to talk to Year 8s about Sports Day was a hard task, the boys were extremely competitive and discussed every race in detail. The excitement over at the front field with Year 8 contrasted the relaxed Year 10s sunny netball game on the tennis courts; there was something for everyone.

The relays were a huge success and the audiences cheered on the participants with great enthusiasm. Not matched with such enthusiasm from some years was the Big Bash Run where the whole year was made to run a race together. After some persuading, everyone ran (or walked!) the lap of the front field together which was so lovely to see.

Mr Thomas (the DJ for the days) made sure that 'epic tunes' could be heard throughout. 'What even is this song?' was another quote from a Year 8 pupil, not everyone has good taste like you Sir!

A huge thank you to all of the staff at the PE department as well as the Year 9 volunteers for organising such a great event and providing something for every pupil to get involved in, we are looking forward to Sports Day 2023.


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