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Our New Bassaleg Build

Student Opinion Piece - Poppy Bond

Plans for Bassaleg’s new build have been thriving as the MUGA next to the Geography block has been completed recently, we have definitely all heard the work going on! Future plans are on track, so much so, that by September the school grounds will look completely different.

Future developments:

  • Demolish Classrooms in Griffin (leaving the Canteen, Hall & Exam offices)

  • Demolish the old demountables, temporary History demountable & Drama studio

  • Demolish maths block

  • Demolish Forge hall and canteen (to expand the staff car park)

  • Demolish the astroturf (site of the new build) and new pitches on the back field

My opinion on the new build

I believe that the new build will offer exciting opportunities to new students of Bassaleg as well as existing students. It will provide various up to date equipment including a recording studio & study space; I am particularly interested in the new areas to revise and learn because as a year 9 moving forward into GCSE years, knowing I will have a quiet section to reflect on and analyse previous work is a comfort. It is possible that the canteen area may become crowded since I think all the year groups will be using it, however, the ground plans describe the area as spacious, and I know it will contain enough seating area for the number of students purchasing food from the canteen.

I asked Mrs Scott-Jones, Director of Wellbeing Year 9, a few questions about the new build.

What are your feelings on the new build?

“I'm so excited to see it! I think we're really lucky to be getting such an incredible new site and I'm so looking forward to seeing the new classrooms”

Are there any negatives to the new build?

“I'll be sad to see some of the old buildings go just because of the memories I have teaching in them, but overall the positives far outweigh this!”

How will the build impact your teaching?

“I think the new build will really transform our teaching. Having a clean and well equipped environment makes a huge difference to staff and pupil environment as well as the impact of the very modern designs allowing for a more diverse range of teaching methods.”

Additionally, I asked a Year 6 (future Bassaleg year 7) what they thought about the upcoming build:

“I look forward to it because it will be less cramped. It looks cool! I’m excited about the new pitch, it's great to play football on; I love football! It’s massive & modern. I can’t wait.”

Overall, it seems the new building will provide fresh hope for the future of Bassaleg school since Covid. It is set to modernise our school environment and create a climate of ambition for our peers. We may be saying goodbye to the school we once knew, but progress means things must change and that may be scary to some, however when push comes to shove, this change is set to make the school better than ever!


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