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Open Day AdviceBy Anais Thomas

By Anais Thomas

Are you looking to attend University? Do you want to know more about the University you are attending? Look out for University open days to answer all your questions.

Open days are crucial to attend for several reasons: they give you an insight to University life, allow you to meet the staff, find out course information, information in financial aid and scholarships, get a feel for the atmosphere and for you to ask questions to both staff and students.

After attending open days myself, I have realised how important they are: being able to see the campus and experience it firsthand is one of the main advantages of going to open days. There's only so much information that brochures, virtual tours, and websites can offer. A true understanding of an educational institution's ambiance, design, and culture can only be gained by visiting. You can assess whether or not this is a location where you'll feel at home and flourish by taking a stroll around campus.

Apart from academic aspects, open days are the ideal time to inspect campus facilities. You can assess the level of service and accessibility of various facilities, like dining options, laboratories, libraries, and sports facilities, by going to an open day. When determining if a specific institution can accommodate your demands and lifestyle preferences, this information is essential.

The greatest place to find honest information about a University is from its current student body. Q&A sessions and student-led tours are often featured during open days. These talks can offer insightful information about campus life, extracurricular activities, and the general student experience. You can determine whether an institution fits with your academic and personal goals by talking to classmates.

To find out more about University open days, you can access the UCAS website which tells you all about upcoming events and University open days. You can also find out information through accessing the University website directly.

So keep in mind that open days are about finding your possible home for learning and development, not just about seeing a university.


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