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Day in the Life of a Year 12

By Isla Williams

Hello everyone, today I will be documenting a busy day in the life of a year 12! Currently, I am doing Welsh Bacc, History, English Literature and Music for A Levels and I'm really enjoying it.

Firstly, I went to form in the science block and we explored Unifrog. Unifrog is a website used in Sixth Form to explore options after Year 13; the activities are an interactive way to learn about future courses at universities or apprenticeships/internships. We sat and talked for a bit before my friends went to their first lesson.

I didn’t have lessons first and second so I went to the library and started reading Sense and Sensibility for English and friends there had RS work. I also went to Hoffi Coffi where I got a waffle (I love being a Sixth Former!). I put my clarinet in Griffin to save carrying around all day! We sat around in the library for a bit where lesson time is assigned quiet time for students to complete independent work. I have found that I speak to so many new people within my year because of these ‘free lessons’ which is really nice. I see people I haven’t been in lessons with all the way from year 7 so it’s great to get to know them as well as students who are new to the school.

Break time was a prefect meeting where we talked about plans for the year, what kind of responsibilities we had and it was a nice opportunity to meet the other prefects too.

Third and fourth lessons were Welsh Baccalaureate where we are working towards the Global Challenge section of the course. At the moment, we are compiling sources and developing our analysis and reasoning skills. There are a couple of subject areas to choose from for the real discussion and I have chosen ‘Natural Environment’. We need to prepare to be assessed on Monday.

Usually, I would go home at this point but it’s Monday which means the Senior Choir is on in Mrs Davies’ room. I headed up there and found my friend on the way. Choir was lots of fun as always and is a great opportunity to meet new people. It is a very friendly environment, no auditioning or soloing (unless you want to!) and a great thing to be involved in. Choir gives me a chance to catch up with people in other years too!

Everyone went to fifth lesson, I took a box down to Forge for Mr Keates and now I’m here writing this. I have a friend who goes to band with me so we are waiting in the library, listening to some music and they’re catching up on missed History work.

The hour went by quite fast and we went up to Griffin Hall for Big Band. Mr Newbury is doing Big Bang this year and learning to improvise is a big thing for me this year. Going away from the security of sheet music was scary but connecting with the other musicians around me was a different experience altogether, I recommend it to everyone who plays an instrument. The jazz music we created together was very cool and it’s definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone in a good way.

Mondays are especially busy for me, I hope you enjoyed reading this recount and I highly recommend joining a club this year!


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