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Aramark- Our Canteen

Written by Darcy Kent

Photos by Ollie Lewis

We are proud to announce that our canteens are now being run by Aramark, a company who are actively aiming to change the way we eat and perceive food in school. This new change is a huge step forward to creating a more inviting menu, now including plenty of greener, vegetarian options which were not always available. Choices range from pasta and jackets to fresh sandwiches and wraps which are mainly sourced from local suppliers; This not only benefits our local community with more income for those who live locally but also betters our schools' adjustments to becoming environmentally friendly with less transportation costs and emissions.

If you have not ventured into the canteen since coming back from half-term, you may be wondering what this change looks like for the pupils and staff. It is clear that with the new company, the design is slightly different and overall, much more organised with queues and more space to ensure comfort for everyone. As well as this, we now have bright colours decorated, making the space more atmospheric.

So how does this change make a difference to our students? I spoke to some sixth formers to find out their perspective. “It is very gratifying to finally have this change take place. I love the new design and it is nice to see how happy the staff are with less stress.” Another student said, “The new food options are much better and there is more choice for me and my friends.”

Meals deals are now available for just £2.60 for most of the food on offer (A drink, meal and dessert). We are all looking forward to seeing the delicious food on offer for the weeks ahead and hope this new system will remain a positive factor of our school day.


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