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A Visit From Bronwen Lewis

by Darcy Kent

Last week, our school was lucky to receive a visit from Bronwen Lewis, a young and

upcoming musical artist, who has featured in many exciting projects since finding fame on the Voice in 2013. Recently, we have seen her perform in collaboration with other musical talents on platforms like Youtube and Tiktok. Through the use of social media, Bronwen has gained a following of 36.5K and has influenced many people, including teachers and students from Bassaleg, to embrace their culture and to feel encouraged to use the Welsh language daily.

Llawer O bobl yn yr Bassaleg siarad Cymraeg yn yr ysgol ond dim yn y tŷ- Mae hi dysgodd Cymraeg yn yr ysgol hefyd! Ar ôl y sesiwn, dylem ddefnyddio Bronwen am enghraifft o falchder Cymraeg a phenderfyniad.

During her time here, Bronwen performed some pop songs (Yng cymraeg) for year 9 and the Welsh A-level class, such as Castle on the Hill, Someone You Loved and Shotgun. The atmosphere was full of laughs, song and spirit, with students singing along!

Yn ogystal â cherddoriaeth bob, canodd Bronwen gerdd draddodiadol fel Yma o Hyd, Sosban Fach ac anthem genedlaethol.

We ended the session with a Q&A, and some advice from Bronwen about growing platforms (Social media, music) and improving our Welsh in and outside of school.

From everyone at Bassaleg, thank you for visiting!


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