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A Conversation with the Head Students

Upon their new appointment as Head Students, we spoke to Izzy Faulkner and Olly Lewis about their plans for this year.

How did you get this role?

Izzy- Back in June, we had to answer a few questions in relation to how we think we would fit the role of Head Student. After a few weeks we then got a confirmation email that Miss Lambe liked our application and we were invited for an interview. In the interview we were asked questions like what would you do as Head Student, any H&H day ideas and the overall questions of how our experiences would make a good Head Student. After that we were invited back into MIss Lambe’s office and were told that we had been given the honour of being Head Student.

Ollie - In June of this year, went through an interview process with Mis Lambe, and other members of the SLT. A few days later, all who applied were called back into a meeting room, and we're given the title of head student, deputy head or senior prefect. During the interview, we were asked to talk about our ideas for this year's Health and happiness day agenda, and other ongoing projects in school.

What sort of things do you do as head students?

Izzy- We mostly organise the H&H days each month which requires quite a bit of planning! In between that we also meet with any guests coming to the school, do speeches at special events and help with all things Sixth Form!

Ollie - Our main role is organising the health and happiness days in school, where we work with the school community to create fundraising days to celebrate the work of charities. This year, the head student and prefect team have decided to support mostly local charities, a list of which can be found under the 2023 health and happiness agenda around the school site or posted onto social media.

Is there anything you would like to share about your team?

Izzy- They are all absolutely amazing! Everyone puts 100% into everything and we are so unbelievably lucky to have everyone on board. The Prefect team is really more like a family; we all help each other out and of course there is the wonderful Mrs Wheatley who is also a massive driving force behind all of these H&H days and the team. We are so very excited to welcome our new Year 12 prefects to the team in the next few weeks!

Ollie - I have loved being a part of both this years, and last year's perfect teams. Joining the prefect team is a great way to meet new people in both year 12 and 13. We've come up with some great ideas for this year, and are super excited to put them out later on.

What sort of qualities should a prefect have?

Izzy - One of the most important qualities is kindness! We communicate with lots of year groups on a daily basis and being a brilliant role model is definitely very important to us. Also, being able to be a part of a team is imperative as everyone is constantly working together and being able to work as a team unit is so useful on a H&H day. I would probably say time management skills too as being able to balance your Sixth Form studies and prefect responsibilities is definitely tricky to master!

Ollie - Being willing to involve yourself in the huge range of activities we are involved in is definitely a big factor, as well as being creative in thinking of new ideas. But for me the most important quality would be to be outgoing and fun. As we interact with many year groups and look forward to helping them feel eager and welcomed in joining in with the prefect team and other committees in school.

Is there anything else you would like to talk about, any goals or aspirations for the year? (H&H Days etc)

Izzy- We have the most amazing H&H agenda this year which has been put all around social media; it’s definitely going to be a lot of fun! We have tried to focus on local, Newport charities and also a major focus on pupil voice. Back in July, we sent out a questionnaire for the kinds of charities pupils in the school wanted to see on the H&H agenda as we wanted all the H&H days to be more personalised. We are really looking forward to celebrating lots of cultural and religious celebrations this year so there is more of an awareness about them! We would also really like to launch a ‘quiet room’ where everyone is welcome to do some work, talk something through or even if you just need some quiet time!

Ollie - Like Izzy has mentioned, getting the ideas of charities and health and happiness day events was a huge focus of ours this year. We wanted to make the health and happiness days personal to all of the students at Bassaleg, and we hope to emphasise students' involvement when celebrating these days too. Some of the Health and happiness days we are having this year are based around celebrating charities that support causes close to students, such as Diabetes UK, Newport city dogs home, Sparkle and more.


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