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We Will Remember Them

By Isla Williams

The 11th of November marked Remembrance Day and Bassaleg School came together to remember and honour the sacrifice made by those who have defended our country and our freedoms as well as to remember all victims of war.

Pupils learnt about the importance of remembrance and understanding conflict and peace in lessons. Everybody came together to take part in the silence at 11am while teachers across the school broadcast the service led by Miss Lambe in the hall.

Mr Maughn showed Year 10 and Sixth Form a video from the Royal British Legion in the hall before talking about the service and its history with the school.

This service has been passed through Bassaleg School for 74 years. The service began with a hymn and then spoken word from the Head Students, external visitors and Miss Lambe. Names of Bassaleg students lost in World War One were read out then the Last Post was played by Noah Berry in Year 12 while everyone in the hall and online was in silent reflection. Finally, there was more singing from the Senior Choir to close the service. The service is a time to remember those who were close to our school as well as the millions of others who sacrificed their lives for the way we live our lives, a time to respect and reflect.

Faith Smith, Year 8 Remembrance Day English piece


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