Additional Year 7 Information for Parents and Carers’

As we cannot do our usual Year 7 Information Evening in person, we have prepared a series of videos for you that explain and talk you through some key features of teaching and learning and school management that you might find helpful and that we hope will support you and your child.

Please click on each link to watch a video:


Mr Maughan - Deputy Head Teacher

Progress and Pupil Expectations at Bassaleg

Explaining the system of minimum expectations that we use to help us track learner progress and how that fits into our reporting system


Mrs Sullivan - Associate Head Teacher

Behaviour for Learning

An overview of the system staff use with pupils to help manage behaviour and model good learning


Mr Ford Head of Year 7 - Pupil Wellbeing

Discussing some of the ways we can work together to support wellbeing while at Bassaleg


Miss Pretty Skills Leader for Numeracy

An overview of our approach to Numeracy and some of the technique we use in Maths / Numeracy Lessons


Miss Chase - Associate Head Teacher for Skills and Pedagogy

Approaches to Literacy at Bassaleg

Focus on the school drive on oracy, resilience in learning, and helping with spelling and grammar.


Mr Cresswell - Skills Leader for Digital Technologies

An overview of how to use the school Digital Learning Zone

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