The Welsh Language Department

Yr Adran Gymraeg

Welsh is a very important aspect of life at Bassaleg School, where bilingualism is promoted throughout the subjects at all Key Stages. 


Welsh is compulsory within the National Curriculum in Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9) and Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11).

Pupils are able to engage in Welsh conversation, develop their communication skills and learn about the country in which they live. 


The pupils study a wide range of topics, from personal information, to life in the work place to the problems of young people.

Religious Worship & Religion, Morals and Philosophy (RMP)

Crefydd, Moesau ac Athroniaeth

Religious Worship: Assemblies are held daily.  They are non-denominational and mirror the broadly Christian ethos of the school.  The emphasis is on the development of moral and spiritual values.  It is the intention to foster a sense of respect and give pupils an opportunity to reflect upon the themes explored in light of their own experiences.

Religion, Morals and Philosophy (RMP): All pupils throughout the school receive lessons in Religion, Morals & Philosophy.  It is seldom that children are withdrawn from these lessons by parental request, although that right exists.  Parents who wish to withdraw their children from either Religious Studies or collective worship, in whole or in part, should contact the Headteacher.  Pupils who are exempt will follow an alternative programme of study.

Relationships & Sex Education

Addysg Rhyw a Pherthynas

Relationships and Sex Education aims to support and help students through their physical, emotional, moral and spiritual development.  As well as facilitating communication about sex, sexuality and sexual health, students are made aware of the benefits of delaying sexual activity.  

It helps students to make responsible and well informed decisions about their lives.  It enables them to understand the importance of stable, loving personal relationships with friendship groups and the wider community.  It prepares students for the opportunities and experiences of adult life and encourages the acquisition of skills and attitudes so they can manage their relationships in a responsible manner.  

Physical Education

Addysg Gorfforol

All pupils in Years 7-11 are given equal opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sporting activities.  The aim is to contribute to the development of control and co-ordination of the body, whilst at the same time developing skills which will be beneficial to pupils throughout their lives.  

Through sport, the school is attempting to develop a sense of well being, confidence and co-operation and an understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy life-style amongst all pupils.

A Tradition of Excellence .... Traddodiad o Ragoriaeth ....

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