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Mr D Powell

Director of Wellbeing

Mrs M Hurn

Deputy Director of Wellbeing


Mrs C Phillips

Assistant Director of Wellbeing

Mrs J Wheatley

School Support Officer

Mr J Clayton-Jones

SLT Link

At the core of our ethos in Sixth Form is the belief that high standards and high expectations are the key to unlocking the potential of our young people. We aim to combine academic rigour and aspiration with a commitment to the well-being of all students in our care; we believe that entrusting our young people with opportunities to lead, to contribute and to grow is the best formula for producing outstanding candidates for university and the world of work.


With that aspiration in mind, we commit to engaging our students in productive and challenging lessons as well as to rewarding and meaningful extracurricular form time activities which enrich the student as well as the wider school community. The role a Sixth Former has in contributing to the tone and atmosphere of our wider school is enormous and we hope that our students see the value in making such a contribution. Indeed, the last academic year has seen an unprecedented number of Sixth Formers take the opportunity to lead activities and other school-based experiences, all of which has greatly enriched the school.


In terms of academic standards, as befits a school with a wealth of expertise at AS and A2 level teaching, our latest Welsh Government data for the academic year 2018/19 tells us that by the end of A level studies in Year 13, the average learner achieves an average of 80% of a grade higher across their academic portfolio than their GCSE outcomes would predict. This fact is recognised in the vast array and variety of destinations to which our students go - 75% of the current Year 13 cohort had at least one offer from a Sutton 30 university and 99% of pupils who made a university application have received at least one offer.


We believe that the Sixth Form will ascend to even loftier accomplishments in the next few years and we would welcome any pupil into our environment who is prepared to work, prepared to contribute and who has thought deeply about the next step in their academic career. We look forward to welcoming you for two years of what we are confident will be as rewarding as they are challenging.

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Victoria Lambe with Amy Dutton & Charlie Turner

Mr Clayton-Jones & Mr Powell