Pupil Support

Cefnogaeth i Ddisgyblion

The pupil support arrangements are intended to give each child a sense of security, a feeling of belonging and an opportunity to become involved effectively in the life of the school.  In the summer term preceding entry, the Assistant Head responsible for Key Stage 3, the Head of Year 7 and the Additional Educational Needs Co-ordinator (AENCO) visit each of the partner primary schools and discussions are held with Headteachers, staff and parents in order to make sure that the transfer of children from primary school to secondary school is effectively achieved.  


All Year 6 pupils in the partner primary schools are invited to Bassaleg for a day of lessons and activities in the summer term.  In addition, parents are invited to an ‘Intake Day” when they have the opportunity to look around the school while lessons are taking place.


The support and guidance children require is provided, to a considerable extent, by the Form Tutor, who sees them each morning in their tutorial group.  In addition to the guidance given by the Form Tutor, children in each year are under the direct supervision of the Head of Year.  A resident school Medical Officer is on hand to look after any minor ailments that may occur during the school day.  However, children who are obviously unwell in the morning should be kept at home rather than be sent to school.  Parents of pupils who are taken ill at school will be contacted to transport their child home.  


If a pupil suffers from a medical condition of which the school should be aware, the school medical officer must be notified and the confidentiality of the details will be respected.  Pupils are not allowed to carry medication in their bags except for inhalers and epipens.  If a pupil needs medication during the school day it should be handed in to the School Medical Officer in the Medical Room, Forge Building, clearly marked with the dosage and name of pupil.  The Medical Officer will then dispense this in line with the directions you have given.  We value dialogue with parents, if you wish to visit the school you are advised to make an appointment beforehand.

It is imperative that the school possesses accurate and current details concerning a pupil's addresses, telephone numbers and personal details.  The school must be informed, as soon as possible, of any changes, especially in the case of emergency telephone numbers.  All changes should be notified in writing to your child's Form Tutor.

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