Illness / Absence
Parents/Guardians must contact the School for each day of their child's absence.  Upon their return to school each child must bring a letter explaining their absence, signed by a parent or guardian to give to their Form Tutor.


Alternatively, if you have the School Gateway App you can text the School for each day of your child’s absence directly to the School Gateway Administrator and there is no need to phone the absence line or provide a written note.  Please do not send text messages to the absence line (01633 892191), as the school telephone system doesn't have text capabilities

You can also use the School Gateway App to text in future absences, for example medical or doctor appointments. There would be no need to phone the absence line or provide a written note.  

Leaving School Early
If a child is required to leave school early due to an appointment. They must come to the School Office, in the Forge building, to complete the Signing Out Book. Pupils will only be allowed to leave if they have a note signed by their Form Tutor and Head of Year. Pupils must then sign back in on their return. If the pupil does not have a note then a parent or guardian must come in to sign their child out.

If a pupil comes to school late, they must go to the Pupil Office to complete the Late Book, explaining their lateness.


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