Chairman - Councillor Mr D Williams, 01633 892191

Vice Chairperson

Mrs A Huckle

Appointed by Local Government
Councillor D Williams

Councillor M Cornelious

Councillor R White

Councillor C Evans

Councillor Y Forsey


Teachers' Representatives

Mrs T Simmonds

Miss R Murray

Staff Representative

Mr T Lewis

Community Members

Mr J Watts

Mrs A Huckle
Mr A Evans
Mr S Rayer

Mr S Bowen


Parents' Representatives

Mr P Booth

Mr C Watson

Mrs E Kenward

Mr S Pithers - appointed 2020

Mrs B Mungur-Bundhoo - appointed 2020

Dr A Seymour - appointed 2020


If you would like a paper copy please contact the school.

A Tradition of Excellence .... Traddodiad o Ragoriaeth ....

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