Geography Department

Year 7
At the beginning of year 7, students study the topic of Risky Weather, focusing on the causes and effects of Hurricane Sandy. Following this, students carry out an investigation into travel to school patterns within their class.  During this topic, students develop key Geographical skills that they will use throughout their years studying Geography.  Global development is explored through the third topic, Feed the World.  Essential map skills are developed in the penultimate topic of the year.  Finally, the students study the topic of Rainforests during the summer term.




Year 8

Students begin the year by carrying out an investigation into whether or not Bassaleg School has a microclimate.  The second topic of the year examines the nature of tourism in Antarctica and students outline strategies of how tourism can be managed sustainably.  Students then produce a report on reducing the impacts of climate change; this report forms part of the students’ ASDAN qualification.  During the final topic of the year, students identify and explain the changes in the UK population and then produce a diary entry empathising with an illegal immigrant on their journey from Mexico to the USA.

Year 9
At the start of year 9, students continue the work started at Southerndown beach during community week and study the topic of Coasts.  Students focus on the key landforms, the processes that create them and the need for the coastal environment to be managed.  At the end of this topic, students complete a GCSE style written report on the issue of the coastal management of Barton on Sea.  Students then move onto the topic of Volcanoes and Earthquakes, focusing on their causes, effects and the possible management of these events.  The final topic of Key Stage 3 geography explores the regional patterns of development in Ghana, Students explore the reasons and implications of the differences within the country.

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