Upcoming Dates 2019/2020: 
Parent Forum 1 - Tuesday 8th October 2019 @ 6.00 pm
Parent Forum 2
Parent Forum 3
Parent Forum 4
Parent Forum 5
Past Forums Presentations:
Parent Forum - 8th October 2019 - Mr Batten's Presentation and Miss Chase's Presentation
Parent Forum - 30 January 2018 - Mental Health
Presentation by Mr Andy Carress
Parent Forum - 1st February 2017 - Mental Health
Presentation by Dr Beth Evans, Educational Psychologist 
Parent Forum - 6th June 2017 @ 6.30pm

Welcome by Jon Watts.  Dr Bethan Evans –Educational Psychologist on Managing anxiety and coping with stress during examinations and high workload periods and  Mr Batten on Supporting Mental Health in Bassaleg School.

Managing Stress - What Can We Do To Help? by Dr Beth Evans, Educational Psychologist

Smart but Scattered Teens Document

Executive Skills - Teen Document

Executive Skills - Parent Document

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