Successful candidates will be awarded a grade, on a single scale:  A*, A, B, C D, E, F, G.

Candidates who do not reach the standard required for a grade G will not be given a grade

BTEC Certificate

Distinction* equivalent to 1 GCSE grades A*

Distinction equivalent to 1 GCSE grades A
Merit equivalent to 1 GCSE grade B

Pass equivalent to 1 GCSE grades C

Welsh Baccalaureate - Intermediate Level Core

This will be taken along with other GCSE courses and is equivalent to 1 GCSE Grade

ASDAN - Award Scheme Development & Accreditation Network Certificate

These are 100% portfolio courses.  Successful candidates will be awarded either:

Level 1 – GCSE grade F

Level 2 – GCSE grade B

I.F.S - Level 2 Certificate in Personal Finance

Achievement of a Pass in all 3 units, leads to the attainment of the award at grades A* - C. 

These are equivalent to a full GCSE

GCSE - General Certificate of Secondary Education

A Tradition of Excellence .... Traddodiad o Ragoriaeth ....

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