Information for pupils looking to re-sit English Language


Pupils who have opted to re-sit English Language in Year 12 may attend the English Department's Homework Club which runs every week on a Wednesday afterschool from 3.10pm -4.10pm in F3 and is manned by English teachers.  This is not a taught session but opportunity for pupils to seek advice and guidance on how to re-sit Controlled Assessments and approaches to exam technique. 


Unit 3 Writing and Reading CA re-sit:  Pupils need to work independently on preparing new tasks (for Unit 3 and Unit 4) and come to these sessions for advice.  We are not allowed to mark drafts of assessments and as such staff can only give advice on preparatory work.  They will then need to arrange a time to sit the CA in the homework club and ensure that they are booked in to do this.  They can do this by seeing any English teacher. 

Unit 4 Speaking and Listening re-sit- They need to prepare a 7 minute presentation to peers on a controversial or inspirational topic of their choice (not just their favourite celebrity - instead: What contribution has David Beckham made to society?  How has technology changed our lives etc).

They will then need to book in a time to do this in a homework club slot - again they can do this via any English teacher. The group discussion element - again, they will need to arrange a time to do this with other re-sit pupils and book this session in advance. 


The final deadline for submitting re-sit coursework for marking and moderation is the end of half term Friday 21.10.16 (this is if pupils are going for November cash in) - this will enable work to be marked and moderated and sent off to the WJEC by 5th November.

These are the tasks you complete and choose from if you are re-sitting the Controlled Assessment (Unit 3 and 4)

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