New for Year 7 in the English Department 2016

English lessons for year 7 pupils have a different look this year.  Pupils will have a Core Curriculum teacher for 5 hours a fortnight who will be responsible for teaching the material in preparation for the Core Task Assessment which takes place near the end of each half term.  Over the course of the year pupils will sit 6 assessed tasks which will examine the three key areas of literacy: Oracy, reading and writing.  There is a formal and informal Oracy task, a non-fiction and fiction reading task and a fiction and non-fiction writing task.  Pupils will also sit a formal spelling test once a fortnight on key vocabulary associated with the theme of work. All lessons include a range of activities which help to prepare pupils for the demands of GCSE in Key Stage 4.


STAR Lessons:  


                              STAR (Spelling, Technical Accuracy through Reading) are lessons that have been established in order to                    

                              develop important literacy skills through the use of a class reader. Pupils will have the opportunity to read a novel, play

                              and short stories across the academic year.  Lessons will include tasks and activities which help prepare pupils for the

                              National Reading Tests which take place annually in May.  They will engage pupils through the use of metacognitive reflection tasks which help pupils understand how they are approaching a task and how to approach similar questions in the future.  This also provides a good grounding for PISA testing and GCSE English Language and Literature tasks in the future. They may be set homework and spelling tests based on the key themes and vocabulary being covered in these sessions.  The teacher responsible for teaching this lesson will be different from the Core Curriculum teacher and lessons take place once a fortnight.  


Library Lessons:


                                     These sessions have been designed in order to raise pupils' awareness of how they read and what they read and

                                     apply this to their learning across the curriculum.  Lessons are timetabled in Forge Library once a fortnight and

                                     taught by English teachers with the support of the school librarians.  They provide opportunity for pupils to explore

                                     a range of text types and appreciate how to approach these in a range of contexts. This will include the use of digital

                                     texts and technology.  They will be set homework challenges inspired by reading which range from taking a 'Shelfie'

                                     of a bookshelf at home to creating a QR code which shows a review of a book they have liked and would recommend.   The ultimate aim for the year is for pupils to create a 'Reading Journal' which documents what they have learnt with regard to reading and how they have applied this across all subjects and outside of school.  They will be asked to present this to their peers in the Summer term.  All classes have been allocated a Google Classroom account which they can use to submit homework and challenges and access useful information or links related to reading.  Reading Journal Checklist

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