English Department Assessed Homework Outline

Across Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils will be set monthly assessed homework to be submitted by a set deadline.  This information for the Autumn term is outlined in the assessment calendar attached.  These will be set by class teachers in advance of the deadline and pupils have been informed when the deadlines are.  All resources will be made available both in a hardcopy format and electronically via your child's Google Classroom account.  While we understand the need to support your child in completing homework we would ask that they complete these tasks on their own.  They will be used to assess their progress over key attainment areas across the year and to identify any gaps in learning. 


Years 7-9:  these tasks are separate and in addition to the Core Task preparation pupils are doing in lessons and will often look to assess a different skill.  This is in order to ensure that all three attainment areas: Oracy, reading and writing are being assessed across the academic year.


Years 10-11: these tasks will supplement the material currently being covered in lessons.  They should be seen as excellent examination practice and will be assessed using exam marking criteria.  As such they should be done in exam conditions and follow the timings set out by each class teacher.

English Department Assessed Homework Calendar

Key Stage 3 English Handwriting Resources

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