The Curriculum: Learning at Bassaleg

Y Cwricwlwm: Dysgu yn Ysgol Basaleg

At Bassaleg School, we have a passion for learning.  We share this passion through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which promotes educational, moral, spiritual and cultural development.  Our subject specialists are well qualified and resourced to support and challenge all learners through active learning and an engaging curriculum.

At Key Stage 3 (years 7 - 9) we work with all learners to support literacy, numeracy and skill development, whilst providing meaningful and relevant access to the national curriculum.  Our Key Stage 4 curriculum (years 10 and 11) is designed to allow both choice and flexibility so that young people have the opportunity to gain qualifications in a range of ways that are valued by universities, colleges and employers.  With the support of our teachers and parents or guardians, young people have the chance to study a variety of subjects in addition to compulsory elements such as Maths, English and Science.

Post 16 education at Bassaleg allows students to further extend their learning in a friendly, inclusive and vibrant learning community.  In conjunction with the Newport West Partnership we offer an exciting range of courses.  We are driven by our determination to ensure that all young people are given the opportunity to succeed.

Bassaleg is a large school.  It is vital, however, that pupils do not lose their individuality or feel treated as though they are just part of a group.  In order to support and guide pupils according to their own individual needs, the school has been divided into year groups with each cohort being the responsibility of a Head of Year.  An Assistant Headteacher oversees Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.  The pupils are placed in mixed ability forms of about thirty pupils and come under the care of a Form Tutor.

The welfare and progress of individual pupils is very important and parents are encouraged to attend the meetings that are arranged with relevant teachers in each academic year.  We provide our pupils with a curriculum which seeks

to educate the ‘whole person’ and we strive to make it appropriate to 

pupils’ needs, with teaching styles that develop positive attitudes to

learning, the understanding of concepts and the acquisition of

knowledge and skills. 

"Develop a passion for learning.  If you do, you will never cease to grow"

A Tradition of Excellence .... Traddodiad o Ragoriaeth ....

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