Choosing Your Learning Pathway

During the first three years at Bassaleg all pupils follow a common curriculum, a set Learning Pathway.  On entering year 10 there are significant changes.  Pupils can now begin to shape their individual Learning Pathway by making choices.  You may choose to:

•  continue to study some subjects
•  end your study in some subjects
•  start studying completely new subjects

For the first time YOU will have some choice in your school subjects.


A Learning Pathway should include:

•  Core subjects - English, Maths and Science
•  Statutory lessons in Welsh, Religious Studies, Physical Education and Learning for Life
•  Welsh Baccalaureate
•  A range of subjects that will best suit your learning needs and styles.
•  Subjects which will suit and extend your abilities
•  Subjects you require for your future career


Types of Learning Experience

Your Learning Pathway should recognise all learning experiences, not just those which are formal.  There are also learning experiences which are non-formal and informal.  Many valuable key skills are gained from these experiences and these aspects of your Learning Pathway should be recognised and recorded regularly in your Learning Pathway Plan.  Formal - Organised learning opportunities leading to approved qualifications. (GCSE, Entry Level, BTEC, ASDAN, WBQ).  Non-Formal - Organised programmes that may lead to accreditatio but typically outside the National QualificationsFramework (NQF). i.e. Duke Of Edinburgh Award, Work Related Experience, Enterprise Activities.  Informal - Wider experiences normally without formal recognition. Extra-curricular activities such as hobbies, sporting activities, membership of clubs or societies, part-time employment.


Why do we have to make a choice of a Learning Pathway?

A Matter of Time - As you study a subject year by year, your knowledge of it and the time for pursuing it grows.  There is not time, on the timetable, for everybody to do everything.

A Matter of Ability - Your strengths will be in certain areas.  It is reasonable you should develop these abilities.

Personal Preference - As you grow older, personal likes and dislikes become more pronounced.

A Tradition of Excellence .... Traddodiad o Ragoriaeth ....

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