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Addysg Gyrfaoedd a Chyngor

Bassaleg School recognises that all students are entitled to receive up to date careers information and advice as part of the school curriculum.  Lessons are built in as part of the current Learning for Life and Welsh Baccalaureate programmes of study and are designed to promote the Learning Outcomes of the Careers and the World of Work Framework.  


Learners need to know where they are now and where they aspire to be in the future, to know what is available in the world of work, to be able to make and implement decisions and know where to seek information and access guidance about career planning.

Careers Information - Careers information is provided for Key Stage 3 through the tutorial programme and for Welsh Baccalaureate lessons and Key Stage 4 groups via Learning for Life lessons.  Learners are encouraged to access resources and research using the Internet, the school’s website ( and computer programmes such as Kudos.  They are encouraged to use Careers Wales Online ( and passwords and logins are issued for each student in Year 9 and above.  Information is also available from the Careers Section of the main school library at lunchtime.

Careers Advice - All learners are entitled to seek careers advice from: LfL and CWW Co-ordinator, Head of Sixth Form and support staff (Higher Education applications and related advice) and Careers Wales Gwent advisors

Careers and the World of Work - A planned programme of CWW is provided for all learners.  It is designed to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values required to help each young person to become the best that he or she can possibly be, enabling them to take their place in a rapidly changing world of work within the global economy.

Partnership with Careers Wales Gwent - A Careers Wales Gwent Advisor is attached to the school and available for individual interviews with students.  An Advisor is also present at Years 9-13 Consultation Evenings to discuss careers related concerns.  Parents can access further careers information by contacting the school or making an appointment with Careers Wales Gwent on freephone 0800 028 9212 or at 46-47 High Street, Newport, NP10 1GA.

Careers & The World of Work and Lifelong Learning - CWW is concerned with preparing learners for adult life and lifelong learning.  It contributes to the development of the ‘whole’ person by encouraging them to identify their strengths and weaknesses, to become self reliant and self motivated and be more prepared to manage change.  It enables learners to consider their career paths and to explore their opportunities.

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