Where did you get your subject advice and information?

"From my teachers and parents"

"From the prospectus and in form class"

"Subject teachers"


"Head of Year"

"Talking to people in Years 10 & 11"

What advice do you wish you had received when you were in Year 9

"More advice about exams & coursework"

"More advice about option choices"

"More information on subjects I hadn't studied before"

"How much coursework there is"

"Planning Homework"

What advice would you give Year 9 students?

“Think carefully about what options you choose.”

“Always meet coursework deadlines.”

“Revise before exams.”

“Ask for help if you’re stuck.”

“Pick subjects you like don’t be influenced by other people.”

“Pick subjects you’re good at.”

“Be organised.”

“Get revision and study guides to help you.”

Identify one thing you could have done (or will do) to improve your grades?

“Know when exams are and list deadlines.”

“Use more study guides.”

“Go over notes after class.”

“Listen more in lessons.”

“More revision.”

“Try harder in the subjects I don’t enjoy.”